Hey everyone! My name is Brittany "Brix" Wehde and I am a co-owner of this amazing new company. I am a Chicago native, the proud mom of a fur baby, and I have a beautiful wife. As far back as I can remember, I've always had a sweet spot for urban wear. The style, colors, graphics, and people who wear it create an undying spark in me. I've been lucky enough to find a like-minded being who's passion burns just as bright as mine and together we will continue to build this company.
We have a long journey ahead, walk with us. 

Cheers, Brix. 


Hi, I'm the other half of Brix Bennett! My name is Corban Bennett Langman. I am a self-made, entrepreneur from the Chicago-land area who just also happens to be transgender. I've always wanted to grow my own business but never had all of my passion dedicated to one thing until we came up with this lifestyle brand and now it is everything to me. My own personal journey through transitioning has made me relearn many things about myself, improve areas of my life or body that I was unsatisfied with and also gave me the desire to travel and accomplish my dreams in the future. "Work hard in silence, let your success make the noise."

Xoxo, Corban.